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Developer 川合秀実
Official website OSASK計画
Long name (none)
Magic word 0xXX 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF
File extension .tek
File extension
(if multivolumed)
First published (unknown)
Last updated 2004/12/24
Algorithms LZ, s7s, s7, UC, LZMA, RC
Supported features
Archiving no
Solid archive no
Multimedia optimization no
Encryption no
Encryption algorithm (unknown)
Multivolume no
Recovery Record no
Comment no

TEK is developed to compress packages of OSASK operating system. The packages are distributed by SAR(Simple Archive), archiving-only format like TAR.



Name First byte Description
l2d3 0x81
tek0 0x82 Compressed by s7s and LZ.
tek1 0x83 Compressed by s7s, s7 and LZ. Fastest decompression.
tek2 0x85 Compressed by UC0 and LZ.
tek3 Compressed by UC1 and LZ. Faster decompression speed but worse compression ratio. Inspired by LZO.
tek5 0x89 Compressed by LZMA and RC. Highest compression.
stk1 A subset of tek1.
stk2 A subset of tek2.
stk3 A subset of tek3.
stk5 0x89 A subset of tek5.

stkX is a subset of tekX. Files compressed by stkX method can be expanded by shorter code than tekX.