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Developer Игорь Павлов
Official website 7-Zip
Long name (none)
Magic word (none)
File extension .ufa
File extension
(if multivolumed)
First published 1996/10/22
Last updated 1998/03/01
Algorithms (unknown)
Supported features
Archiving yes
Solid archive yes
Multimedia optimization yes
Encryption password
Encryption algorithm (unknown)
Multivolume no
Recovery Record no
Comment no

777 and BIX format is an experimental version of this. UFA imported many features from 777. The differences between 777 and UFA:

  • Some compression methods are different(normal, sound, bitmap, executables).
  • On Win32 x86 executables, 777 can compress better than UFA, but it takes more times to process.
  • UFA can process more faster than 777.

However, UFA is not updated after the first version of BIX is published, not like 777. BIX's improvement are imported to 7z format.


  • Optimization for typical data formats.
    • 8-bit monoral sound.
    • 24-bit bitmap.
    • Text.
    • Win32 x86 executables.
  • Optional dictionary size.
  • Optional memory size.